We offer special rates for designated areas within the city centre of Rotterdam.
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Mama Taxi is a private, all-female private taxi service. Our drivers work for business executives and officials from the world of politics and the diplomatic corps. Mama Taxi serves the Rotterdam corporate market, offering a first-class, sumptuous transportation experience in a fleet of all-electric luxury cars.

But there’s more to the Mama Taxi story. Mama Taxi is a social springboard for ethnic women who want to turn their lives around. Women who find it difficult to enter the labour market. We train them to become professional, customer-oriented drivers, and we give them a job, which means they have a real chance at achieving a better life on their own power.

Just like the grandmother of Zizi Fernandes, the founder of Mama Taxi. This old lady from Guinee-Bissau went to the market on foot every day, baking under the hot sun. Why? A taxi stinks, it is unsafe, you have to share it with ten others and you’re sure to be cheated. Grandma wanted to be her own taxi: Mama Taxi. The best, fastest, most reliable and safest taxi.


  • Professionally trained, highly motivated drivers
  • Excellent service and a great feeling
  • Knowledgeable about Rotterdam and all the sights
  • Luxury cars such as the sumptuous Tesla Model S
  • Sustainable transportation: a fleet of all-electric cars
  • Great opportunity for women of all etnicities who find it difficult to enter the labour market
  • Gets women out of social isolation
  • Social enterprise with worldwide ambition
  • Winner of The Best Idea of South Africa 2013
  • Cashless payment

Mama Taxi stands for Corporate Social Love.

Mama Taxi founder ZIZI FERNANDES