We offer special rates for designated areas within the city centre of Rotterdam.
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Mama Taxi is a private, all-female private taxi service. Our drivers work for business executives, private individuals, officials from the world of politics and the diplomatic corps. Mama Taxi serves the Rotterdam corporate market, offering a first-class, sumptuous transportation experience in a fleet of all-electric luxury cars.

But there is more to the Mama Taxi story. Mama Taxi is a social springboard for women of all etnicities who want to turn their lives around. These women have difficulties to enter the labour market. We train them to become professional, customer-oriented drivers, we give them a job and the opportunity to learn new skills and to work on their personal development.

Just like the grandmother of Zizi Fernandes, the founder of Mama Taxi. This old lady from Guine-Bissau went to the market on foot every day, carrying heavy parcels under the scorching African sun. Why? A taxi stinks, it is unsafe, you have to share it with ten others and you are sure to be cheated. Grandma wanted to be her own taxi: Mama Taxi. The best, fastest, most reliable and safest taxi.


  • Professionally trained, highly motivated drivers
  • Excellent service and a great feeling
  • Knowledgeable about Rotterdam and all the sights
  • Luxury cars such as the sumptuous Tesla Model S
  • Sustainable transportation: a fleet of all-electric cars
  • Great opportunity for women of all etnicities who find it difficult to enter the labour market
  • Gets women out of social isolation
  • Social enterprise with worldwide ambition
  • Winner of The Best Idea of South Africa 2013
  • Cashless payment

Mama Taxi stands for Corporate Social Love.

Mama Taxi founder ZIZI FERNANDES